Professional areas


Big accidents that affect one or more companies, local communities and that have national and international consequences. This will depend on the extent of the accident. In major situations it is also important to adopt a holistic perspective in relation to the many players involved.

Clients include: The police, hospitals, the church, companies and the media.

Everyday accidents that affect the individual, our work colleagues and the company.

An accident at work occurs . The company is exposed to a robbery. No matter what happens, the situation is owned by the company. The line management has a particular responsibility to follow up its employees based on a group perspective in addition to any necessary individual follow-up.

Organisation and management:

KOL AS can contribute to analysing the situation from a group and organisational perspective. Such an analysis may provide knowledge about any underlying group processes and contribute to the understanding of what happens between managers and employees at and between different levels of an organisation.

Organisational change can lead to stress reactions that impede constructive change processes. How to understand underlying processes in the organisation that have consequences for the decision- making process and the collaboration atmosphere at different levels of the organisation.

The lack of consistency between tasks and resources may contribute to influencing the working environment and thereby have consequences both for production and quality.



Responsibility as a manager is linked to the consistency between the nature and quantity of the task, necessary resources, competence, as well as making sure that there are good boundaries around the activity at different levels. Furthermore, it is important to prepare the ground for a constructive interaction between the different parts of an activity.


There is a mutual relationship of dependence between managers and those being managed. An important key word is the degree of trust that is promoted through psychological and physical closeness. Furthermore it is important that there is a certain degree of predictability and possibilities to influence at all levels.